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    Watchmakers Timex announced last week their first smartwatch, the Ironman One GPS+, and they are already taking pre-orders, so here's our smartwatch rundown. On the face of it, the Ironman One GPS+ looks to be a stylish, rugged-looking smartwatch, aimed specifically at the sporty types. It has a black rubber look and comes in three colour variants of black, gray and green, and comes with 4GB of storage space that can be used for music. The display is provided by Qualcomm: the 1.5 inch, always-on Mirasol display, that is supposed to work in all conditions, including in direct sunlight. But what is it that really sets this smartwatch, or even fitness tracker, apart from the other popular smartwatches available now? The Ironman One GPS+ is standalone. This means that there is no need to connect it with a smartphone. It runs on the Android Wear operating system and has 3G connectivity and comes with a few fitness features, which is what you would expect just from looking at the thing - it looks like it can take a few hits, and is said to be water resistant up to 50 metres. Using GPS, the watch can track both speed and distance. You can pay an extra $40 for the variant that also comes with a heart monitor, so you can track your heart rate as well. The information recorded by these features is uploaded to one of a number of online services that are synced with the device. As well as safety features that can be used to alert friends in case of an accident while out running or biking, there are a few social features on the Ironman. The built-in messenger app connects you with contacts via a special email address. There are four physical buttons on the device itself, in addition to the touchscreen. The battery life is said to last eight hours on standby with the GPS turned on, but three days regular use. Right now, the apps on the watch seem limited, but Timex are planning to allow third-party app development, which breaths extra hope into this particular smartwatch. You can pre-order the Ironman One GPS+ now for around $399.95, or the heart rate variant for $439.95. The watch will only be available in US and Canada at first, and, in partnership with AT&T, comes with one full year of data connectivity.
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    Ironman GPS for $399.95 is quite high but I'll let the prices go down before buying. If there is more reviews about the GPS then I would consider buying it. It is a great device but I would love to see it in action.