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  1. I had a friend who had a Moto 360 when it came out. It was fun for "Ok Googling" stuff to get quick answers or check the weather, but it was pretty barebones otherwise. Has anything changed? What can you do with them now?
  2. So I've recently started my mission to lose weight and I'm currently looking to buy my first fitness tracker. Do you find they encourage you to work harder and do more? I think I could set myself daily step goals or calorie loss goals and try to beat it day after day. Would be nice for a tracker to save previous achievements actually.
  3. Fitbit Ionic on sale from Oct. 1st!

    I like it a lot. Nice slim design which doesn't stand out and grab attention. I'll bet it costs at least $250 though, that seems to be the low end for new smart watches these days. I'm already using Android Pay as well so this would be really nifty!
  4. I've never heard of these!

    Wow! For $22 that looks amazing. 4.9 out of 5 stars for 18k+ reviews as well. Really tempted... I think shipping will take a long time, no? If these are coming from China it will take weeks, I'd like one now. Maybe there is a US retailer I can buy from.
  5. TomTom Touch

    Thanks for the swift reply panda! I like the look of the Fitbit Flex 2, any idea how it does on battery life? The Alta HR is a little bit more than what I want to spend though. I just found a good deal on a Sony Smartband Talk too, is that any good?
  6. Ha! That's really neat. I guess these come with only very basic features as they are geared towards kids? Such a cool idea and look to encourage more activity in kids, they sure need it these days!
  7. TomTom Spark vs Garmin Vivofit

    I really like the look of that Vivofit, the thin band look is really what I'm after. How does it compare to a TomTom Touch? They are around the same price. Just looking to get my first fitness tracker.
  8. TomTom Touch

    Greetings all. I'm looking for a fitness tracker to accompany me in my weight loss journey. I like the look of the TomTom Touch - do you think it's good for a first one? Just looking for step counting, calorie counter, distance walked, the basics. Is there an alternative I should look at? I really don't know much about these. Thanks for any help.
  9. Do you currently have a smartwatch?

    Its now 7:30pm. Watch has been on my wrist since 9am with "always on" and "tilt to wake" set on. I've been playing with it during the day. Currently 58% battery left which Android estimates will last till 3am. So not bad. What I am liking is - I get lots of notifications of emails, texts, facebook rubbish, etc. through the day. Previously my phone would beep and I'd take it out of my pocket, unlock it, read the message,see that it wasn't important, put phone back in pocket. Now I see a notification on my watch, swipe it away if not important. If it is important I can swipe it to open the phone app, so it has loaded when I take the phone out of my pocket. Don't need to unlock phone or my tablet when it's paired with watch. If watch and mobile go out of range I get a warning, so I don't leave phone behind. I get in the car, put phone in cradle in standby mode. Phone connects to car stereo via bluetooth. Then I can say to the watch "OK google, navigate to home" and Google Maps comes up on the phone and navigates. Then I can say to the phone "ok google, play some music" and Google Music starts playing, both through the car stereo with spoken directions over the muted music. I can download a cache of music from Google Music onto the watch memory, and I can then play that to the car stereo via bluetooth, or to bluetooth headphones, or to my bluetooth soundbar under the TV without my phone being involved in the loop at all. However I can't decide which tracks to download. My steps are being counted and logged via Google Fit.
  10. Do you currently have a smartwatch?

    I've just bought an LG G Smartwatch. I paid £99 from eBay with free shipping. Arrived next day after a 179 mile round trip via Birmingham but was dispatched from a seller 4.9 miles from my house. It is brand new and sealed, but what they didn't point out is that it is the US model. The only difference is the US charger but it came with an adapter. I'll use one of the myriad chargers I have already. I'm impressed so far. With the addition of some apps I can dial and answer calls (with my phone in my pocket and headphones), receive and dictate replies to SMS, read and respond to Facebook, Whatsapp and of course all the other notifications on the screen. The phone is held in the charging cradle with a strong magnet. The back of the cradle has that sticky gel that lets you stick it to a hard surface but also remove and reposition it.