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MyKronoz ZeTime

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MyKronoz ZeTime has finally arrived. It is so recent that some Kickstarter backers have not yet received theirs. I have received mine (love it!)  and would like to see if there is enough interest in adding a ZeTime section here at smartwatchforum. I cannot find another forum for this  besides the Kickstarter comments section so far.

That section has been taken over by (understandably) frustrated backers whose ZeTime deliveries are extremely delayed by a poor choice of shipping partners by MyKronoz. (I'm sure they regret that choice, but cannot undo it.) I believe the majority, at this point, have received theirs. So maybe for those of us who would like to share ideas, experiences, and suggestions for improvement, smartwatchforum may be the place to start. 

Anyone else interested? 

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